The Cryptix project: R.I.P.

Since 1995 the Cryptix project has been instrumental in getting strong cryptography to Java platform (and some to the Perl platform as well). In fact, while nowadays strong cryptography is widely available, this has not always been the case. At a time when export controls on cryptography were still in effect, Cryptix was the first available cryptographic library for Java. Cryptix was initiated and at first sponsored by Systemics, later on the independent Cryptix Foundation ltd was incorporated.

Now that export controls are lifted, strong crypto has been added to generally available Java implementations, and other toolkits are available, there has not been that much need to maintain the Cryptix suite of software anymore. There has been no active development since 2005.

Archive of released software

Below are the last releases of all software release by Cryptix. This software is not maintained anymore.

All projects are governed by the Cryptix General License. Note: the copyright on the software has been returned to the individual developers when the Cryptix Foundation ltd. was dissolved.

The cryptix-users mailing list is still up-and-running, but it is not as good a support forum as it used to be. Perhaps the archives contain any answers you may need.

Cryptix OpenPGP snapshot 2005/04/18
Cryptix JCE snapshot 2005/03/28 See note below
Cryptix SASL 0.8.10 2001/11/10
Cryptix ASN.1 0.1.11 2001/06/30
Cryptix V3 3.1.3 2000/10/02
Cryptix V3 PGP 3.1.3 2000/10/02
Cryptix V3 3.2.0 2000/10/02
Cryptix V3 PGP 3.2.0 2000/10/02
Cryptix Elliptix snapshot 1999/03/31
Cryptix AES kit release 1998/04/25 aes.tar.gz
Cryptix Perl 1.16 1997/12/17 Cryptix-1.16.tar.gz
Cryptix Perl PGP 0.09 1997/04/16 PGP-0.09.tar.gz

CVS repositories

The source code for all cryptix projects is also still available from the CVS repositories, which reside at sourceforge:

All cryptix projects except OpenPGP and ASN.1 [SF project homepage] [WebCVS] [Access instructions]
Cryptix OpenPGP [SF project homepage] [WebCVS] [Access instructions]
Cryptix ASN.1 [SF project homepage] [WebCVS] [Access instructions]

Note on the Cryptix JCE code signing certificate

In order to work with Sun's Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) framework, cryptographic providers like Cryptix JCE need to be signed with a code signing certificate. The Cryptix Foundation ltd has obtained such a certificate and used it to sign it's JCE releases. It has recently been brought to our attention that the certificate used will expire on August 28, 2009. As the Cryptix Foundation ltd does not exist anymore, it is unable to get a renewed certificate. There will thus not be a new release of Cryptix JCE.

Possible solutions will be discussed on the mailing list